Ohio HIE Success Story - Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic HIE Experience

The Cleveland Clinic has been utilizing health information exchange with Epic’s Care Everywhere since September of 2010. Since that time, we have exchanged 3,394,363 records with over 250 different organizations across all 50 states. We have experienced significant growth and through the first 6 months of 2015, the Cleveland Clinic has exchanged 1,842,576 records. This number is up from 1,329,418 for the prior year alone.

Cleveland Clinic has increased its connections by linking with the Veterans Administration and the Social Security Administration. Our connection with VA started in February 2015 and has given our providers vital and timely information in caring for the Cleveland Clinic’s veteran population. Meanwhile, the connection with the Social Security Administration was initiated in July 2014 and has enabled patients to receive faster and more efficient turnaround time for their disability claims.

Cleveland Clinic has also seen success using Direct messaging which can facilitate sending and receiving clinical continuity of care documents. This creates the ability to exchange data nationwide with any electronic health record system with these same Direct message functionalities. Collectively, this has given our providers access to a variety of clinical information while enabling our facilities and providers to fully meet Meaningful Use standards. In addition, we offer a web based portal for outside facilities such as skilled nursing facilities and rehabilitation centers that may not have electronic health record capabilities to exchange electronically. This improves the information stream across these transitions in care. Lastly, Cleveland Clinic is working to enable data exchange with CliniSync, the Ohio based statewide HIE. This project will be fully live in the next 3-6 months; potentially connecting our Cleveland Clinic Caregivers to many other providers across our state.