Ohio HIE Success Story - Southern Ohio Medical Center

Single, Longitudinal Community Health Record Debuts in Ohio 2015

For the first time in Ohio, a patient’s health information from different hospitals will now get pulled into a single, longitudinal health record that treating providers will now see in one place when they search for that patient’s name. This new solution allows physicians and other authorized personnel caring for a patient to search for a consenting patient's name and retrieve pertinent medical information from hospitals now participating in CliniSync. Ohio now has 141 hospitals committed and 110 connected.  In Portsmouth, the Southern Ohio Medical Center is using the service with its Emergency Department physicians and is rolling out a patient consent process throughout the hospital to expand the growth of the health record into the population. Seven practices now can retrieve information from SOMC as well as King's Daughters' Medical Center, Adena Health Systems and others now "live" on CliniSync. The same is happening with various practices through University Hospitals in Cleveland and in West Central Ohio through the Grand Lake Health System.


“This is a long-awaited breakthrough in health information technology in Ohio. We’re building a community of trust that will allow a patient’s health information to wrap around the patient, not just the facility. Providers can access the right information when and where they need it. Dan Paoletti, CEO, Ohio Health Information Partnership/CliniSync HIE

HIT Tools Used:

Health Information Exchange

Longitudinal Community Health Record

Value Added:

Immediate access to patient health information, especially important in emergency situations

Key Results:

Allows providers across Ohio to receive the most up-to-date information on a patient available at time of treatment.